About The Artist


Fine artist John Walls began his formal art training when he was recommended by his elementary school art teacher for classes in junior high at the Philadelphia College of Art. After this, while still in his teens, he traveled and painted in Europe. He continued his formal training at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. He graduated from the Pennsylvania School of the Arts in 1987, and has a BFA from Millersville University; nine years were spent teaching art at Dayspring Christian Academy. John is presently focusing his attention on modern impressionistic landscape painting.

Photo Credit: Chieu Le

Artist Statement

My work presents a reflection of the mystery and natural beauty of God’s creation. In a world shackled by political correctness and artistic complexity, my work is direct and to the point. Nature, with its ever changing dynamics and seasons, offers its own array of natural beauty; when reflected upon, has a way of taking us to a quieter, more solitary place where we can find repose for our souls.